How to build a website
Who does not know about Internet. In this, if we want to know any information, we can get it. At the same time, the information that the search engine provides to us comes from somewhere, or someone has published by writing only then we are available to read them. Yes friends, the information sources I am talking about is called Websites. But often there is a question in people's minds that how this website is made. There is not a simple answer to this because there is a whole process of creating a website.

And to understand this, you should definitely read this article about how a website is made. Being Internet users, you must have seen many websites, but do you know how to create this website? If not, then there is no need to worry because today we will get complete information about the same subject so that we will know what is the website as well as how it is made,

Information about that will also be found. So today I thought, why should you tell people some facts about how to make a website in English. What do you know to learn something new in it? Then let's start delaying and get complete information about how the website is made.

What is website A website is a collection of web pages (Web pages: documents that are accessed through the Internet), which you are currently seeing in front of you. A web page is what you see in your screen when you type a web address, click on a link, or search for a query in a search engine. A web page can contain any type of information that mainly consists of text, color, graphics, animation and sound.

When someone gives you their web address, then generally it is the home page of that website. In this, you provide information about what is in that website. From that home page, you can go to different sections and read other contents if you want. A website can have a page, or many pages, it depends on what the owner of that website wants to provide to the visitors. Websites are often more information.

When was the first website created and by whom? The world's first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN and it was done online on August 6, 1991. If you want too, you can visit this website

Why do people visit websites
We like to see websites due to two reasons:
 1. They are looking for the information they need. It can be anything like a student looking for a picture of a bird for his school home work, or someone checking the price of a product, or a boy looking for an address in a new city. Used to be.

2. To complete a task. Visitors are looking for a latest mobile to buy, to download a song or movie that they want to watch later, or to participate in an online discussion.

The main thing in this is to remember that he does not make any of this website for himself, it always provides information to others. So if you are creating a site then don't write content for yourself, but for your visitors, write what they want. This will increase the popularity of your website.

Once you have designed and made your website, then it comes to know how to launch your website. This process can be a bit tricky if you do not know how to place websites, how to host them on the internet, on the Internet, so you will have to learn all these things very comfortably.

You must be aware that the most important aspect of any website is its content, but it is also very important that information should reach its intended audience or visitors can easily reach your site and they get the information they need. That they are looking for. Therefore, before launching your website, you should check them properly whether the website is well optimized or not, so that it can attract new visitors and also track their activities simultaneously. Let us understand this whole procedure in a precise way, so that you do not face any problem in launching the website. So let's know how the website is made.

Choose a domain name that is brief, easy to remember (easy to remember) and that suits your website content. Some common top-level domains are .com, .edu, .org, and .net, which stand for commercial, education, organization, and network respectively. Try to match the top-level domain for the purpose of your website. However, some top-level domains have no real restrictions (such as org and com), so if the name you want to take is in one domain, it is also available in another domain.

Choose the appropriate host and also secure the necessary bandwidth which is necessary for the smooth running of your website, for an expected amount of traffic. Now you must be wondering what is this Bandwidth? Then Bandwidth means how much amount of data can be allowed to transfer in a given time period. This is called bandwidth.

Try to navigate the website easily If a user has not found any things needed in your website, then it can happen within 30 seconds that he or she will never come back to your website. So it is important that you properly organize your website in specific sections and also use links correctly so that it is easy to navigate from one page to another.

Validate the HTML, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, and XML codes used in your website so that it can be known that all the clean codes in your website and they function correctly for visitors as they should. By the way, there are many programs available in the Internet that validate these types of codes online.

Implement a Site Map correctly Site maps provide a lot of help to search engines, so that they can index the website accurately. A site map is a collection of various URLs that belong to your websites. After creating a Site Map, they allow search bots to find the essential pages of your website and display them.

Keep in mind that you should use SEO-Friendly Code only Always use both Meta and ALT tags in your articles to ensure that your website not only appears in user searches but also the pertinent keywords of your content are displayed properly. By doing this, there are more chances of getting into your articles search engine, which can also increase your traffic. ALT tags are written in the description of the picture so that the search bots can know about the pictures, which tells the search engine that the pictures in your site are based on which topic.

Install Website Analytics It is very important to know about the statistics of the website. In such a situation, it is important to use Website Analytics in your website. From this you can get many information from people's imprints, clicks, new visitors. Also, you can judge the effect of the changes you have made and make the right adjustments accordingly, to increase the effectiveness of the website.

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