best Free backlink checker and analysis tool

Get all of your backlink statistics in one spot.

best Free backlink checker and analysis tool

To begin using this backlink checker tool, simply input the URL of any website. You'll get the results of your check in a minute, including:

Overview of backlink analysis

After the scan, you'll see widgets with backlink overview data, allowing you to determine the strength of a certain backlink profile in less than a minute.
The widgets display the overall number of backlinks and referring websites, as well as the backlink page and domain's In Link rank score.

Backlink analysis (nofollow/dofollow)

Because dofollow links improve your search engine results, the more followed backlinks a rival has, the more difficult it will be to compete with them. To get the entire picture for any site, use our backlink checker.

Why use our backlink checker tool

The most recent index

This is the most recent backlink database available to the general public. Every second, new links and referring sites are added, and the database is updated every four weeks, with dead links eliminated.
Furthermore, the smart crawling algorithm scans more essential and active pages more frequently, thus certain pages may be recrawled and links updated on a daily basis.

Stats on live backlink history

With our backlink checker's Historical Data tool, you can see how your backlink profile has changed over time. Improve not just your backlink analysis, but also your link development activities.

Score for in link rank

SEO PowerSuite's InLink Rank, like Google's PageRank, is a score that measures link popularity, or the importance of web sites, based on the amount and quality of inbound connections to the page (both external and internal).

A high score allows you to readily identify the most valuable connections in your backlink profile. Similarly, a low rank is an excellent technique to detect low-quality, spammy links that you should remove to avoid Penguin and manual penalties.

API access for advanced users

You can request access to our API if you wish to monitor backlinks using our index outside of the backlink checker. Integrate our backlink index into your dashboard or workplace whenever it is convenient for you to acquire all of the data you want. Every month, a user with API access will be able to retrieve up to 3,000,000 backlinks and utilize that data in their own dashboards.

A quick tutorial for SEO beginners.

If you're new to the notion of backlink research (or SEO in general!) but want to start creating solid inbound links, we've put up a beginner-friendly tutorial to educate you the basics. This tutorial will teach you how to discern the difference between a good and a bad backlink, how to optimize anchor text, how to analyze various rivals, and how to locate low-hanging fruit chances. After analyzing any website, you will be able to get the instructions.


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