Domain Authority Checker: Check the Authority Of your domain for Free

Domain Authority Checker: Check the Authority Of your domain for Free

Checker for Website "Authority"

The Domain Authority Checker tool allows you to determine a website's DA score. Simply enter the URL of your selected website into the search box and click the "Check Authority" button.

Free Check your domain's "authority" (as by backlinkar).

What exactly is "website authority"?

"Website authority" is an SEO term that relates to a domain's "strength."

Some refer to this as "domain authority," which is not to be confused with backlinkar Domain Authority (DA) measure. 

When we speak of domain authority, we are referring to a broad SEO notion that is identical with "website authority."

We have our own website authority metric called Domain Rating at backlinkar. It operates on a scale of 0 to 100. The greater the Domain Rating (DR) of a website, the more powerful and authoritative it is.

The above free tool displays your website's "authority" as estimated by backlinkar  (i.e., Domain Rating).

How do we arrive at our Domain Rating (DR) score?

Domain Rating (DR) considers the amount and quality of a website's external backlinks.
In layman's words,

here's how we calculate this metric:

  • Examine the number of unique domains that connect to the target website.
  • Examine the "authority" of the connecting domains.
  • Consider how many distinct domains each of those sites links to.
  • Calculate "raw" DR values using some math and code wizardry.
  • Place these results on a 100-point scale.

Domain Rating does not consider other factors such as link spam, traffic, domain age, and so on.


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